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Reflective learning time supervision

What is Reflective Learning Time (RLT)?
Picture1ABC has developed a supervision framework for school leaders and staff called Reflective Learning Time (RLT). Reflective Learning Time provides school leaders and staff with the space and time required to work through experiences, feelings and thoughts related to professional matters.

These matters can include Safeguarding & Child Protection concerns, leadership issues and the demands of working with children with high emotional needs. All ABC Facilitators (of RLT) are qualified Social Workers, trained and experienced in staff management and delivery of professional supervision.

The benefits of Reflective Learning Time
For many years now health and social care colleagues have received individual and group supervision because of the increasing demands of these roles. As a result there is a growing awareness that school leaders and staff will equally benefit from participating in one to one and group supervision. RLT provides an opportunity for school leaders and staff to take a step back and review and explore the situations they are involved in and their impact. This enables school leaders and staff to explore alternative ways of moving forward, reducing stress levels and increasing effectiveness.
Reflective Learning Time supports school leaders & staff
Picture21. Clearly identify the issue and feelings they are experiencing

2. Analyse and make sense of the issues/feelings presented

3. Form and concrete possible solutions or actions

4. Take action and/or implement a preferred solution

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