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Clinical Supervision

ABC Counselling, Play Therapy and Family Solutions provide clinical supervision to professionals and front line workers and can work either individually or in groups. Methods used to supervise reflective practice may incorporate creative techniques and creative mediums including art, clay and sand as well as verbal interaction.

Supervision is generally carried out face to face but at ABC, we recognise that it can be difficult to find a clinical supervisor due to geographical factors. In this situation, ABC clinical supervisors are able to provide Skype or telephone supervision.

Clinical supervision is an essential part of working therapeutically with clients and is an integral part of providing effective therapy. All counsellors, psychotherapists, play therapists and supervisors are required to have regular, formal clinical supervision to support their work in accordance with professional requirements.

The purpose of clinical supervision is

  • to assist in the development of the reflective practitioner
  • to support the therapist
  • to maximise the effectiveness of the therapeutic relationship
  • monitor/ safeguard the interests of the client,
  • to maintain ethical standards as set out in the Ethical Framework
The role of a Clinical Supervisor is to provide a supervisory space for the supervisee to reflect on the content and process of their client work. Issues might include therapeutic techniques, therapeutic relationships, difficult problems, managing workload, and ethical dilemmas or issues that impact upon the therapist personally as a result of the therapeutic process. At ABC, we strongly believe that clinical supervision is a vital part of practitioner self-care, commitment to professional development, continuing openness to learning and increased self-awareness.

Clinical supervisors will hold significantly greater experience of practice than their supervisee and have a responsibility to maintain the good practice of supervisees and to protect clients from poor practice and harm. ABC clinical supervisors develop a relationship in which they are regarded as a trusted colleague. This enables therapists to reflect on all dimensions of practice and through the supervision process, develop their therapist role.

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