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Support for the Community

ABC Essentials Project

Up to January 2022 ABC has provided local families in need with over £88,229 worth of free essential products.

ABC runs an Essentials Project to support local families facing financial hardship. Essentials products are distributed free to families in need and include cleaning products, soap, washing powder, toothpaste, sanitary products etc.

The ABC Essentials Project is delivered in partnership with local schools. Referrals to the ABC Essential Project are accepted via named contacts in the schools to ensure they reach the families who are most in need of this support.

ABC also signposts families to a wide range of support services, including debt advice and children and family support services.

ABC would like to thank Tesco, Tees Valley Community Foundation & Broadgate Wealth for their valued support and grants in helping us to relieve financial hardship for local families and children in our area.


ABC welcomes donations of Essentials products that can be distributed to local families facing financial hardship. If you wish to donate Essentials products, please contact us to arrange collection or drop off at the ABC Family Centre.

Head Teacher & Senior Leaders Essentials Feedback

“At such a time of need, when each family’s circumstances are so different, our understanding of their needs is quickly responded to with solutions at our fingertips through the support from ABC and the Essentials Project.  We find that we are able to respond as a need arises due to the packs we have in school available for distribution and families have benefitted from the variety within them. One such family commented that the support just felt so valuable to them when they were at a such a low point”.

Charlotte Haylock

Head Teacher, West View Primary School in Hartlepool

” The Essentials Packs we have been donated by ABC as part of their Essentials Project have been greatly received by our families. The families have gone out of their way to let us know how grateful they are and how much the packs have benefitted them in these very difficult and challenging time. I can’t thank ABC enough on behalf of school and our families for their continued support and kindness”.

Kirsty Huddart

Acting Head Teacher, Prior's Mill Primary School, Billingham

“The packs that have been provided by ABC have been invaluable to the families we have allocated them to. The packs contain essential items that are needed by families that are experiencing financial hardship. The families that receive the packs are extremely grateful and would like us to pass on their genuine appreciation. We would like to thank ABC and its partners for enabling us to support families in a valuable way”.

Liz Bramley

Head Teacher, Oakdene Primary School in Billingham

Northfield School was very pleased to support ABC Counselling’s Essentials Project. The essentials packs we receive are distributed to families in need and were hugely appreciated especially at this difficult time. This is another small example of why ABC is so well regarded in the Billingham area”.

Philip Richardson

Assistant Head Teacher, Northfield School & Community College in Billingham

“Thank you so much for the care packs you supplied for our community. They have made a huge difference to families who are living through challenging times and barely keeping body and soul together. Unless we care for the families around our children then we are doing our children a disservice. Thanks to you and your sponsors, we will care for the mental, physical and financial well-being and safety of all our vulnerable families”.

Eddie Huntington

Head Teacher, Rosebrook Primary School, Stockton on Tees

“The Essentials Packs have provided some of our most vulnerable students and families with the ability to continue with ‘normal’ family life during this extraordinary time. It has meant that parents have not had the added worry of how to provide for their family and enabled them to provide stability and support for their children. Packs are always well received by families in need”.

Paul Plows

Assistant Head Teacher, Conyers School - Yarm, Stockton on Tees

ABC’s Essentials Project has been a much needed life line to some of our most vulnerable families and young people. The welfare packs ease the pressure on households who are facing the greatest hardships, giving them a moment of genuine respite.  Delivering them is a highlight as they are always so warmly received”.

Wellbeing & Pastoral Team

Darlington Secondary School

The Essential Packs we receive from ABC are a crucial part of the support we provide to families who are going through difficult times.  The items within each pack ease disadvantage.  Billingham South Community Primary School is a caring community.  As a key part of that community, ABC have got to know the needs within the community and provide a carefully targeted resource that we can allocate to families in need. Every single Pack is used and thoroughly welcomed. We are grateful to ABC and their sponsors for their vital support.”

Edwin Squire

Head Teacher, Billingham South Community Primary School

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