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What do School Leaders say?

“I work closely with the Counsellor and find her to be dedicated and professional. She has an excellent understanding of the problems facing our students. The Counsellor instils confidence into our young people and empowers positive change. Every young person who has engaged with the service has reported that they are happier, more settled and more able to deal with their problems since the intervention”

“Some of the children are carrying huge burdens into school which is a barrier to learning; your support is making it easier for them to be educated and enriching their lives outside of school. Looking forward to your excellent work continuing in our school in the coming terms, you have certainly impacted on the outcomes for our young people and I sincerely hope that this arrangement can continue for years to come”

“The service is really well used in school. We get support in a number of different scenarios and staff and pupils have benefitted from the counsellors input. She is often very helpful in providing support for children and families in a way which another agency couldn’t. This is due to her flexibility of approach and her skills in communicating with the many various people within our school community”

What do Young People say?

I don’t feel as though I am alone. It’s reassured me that other people feel the same and I have someone to talk to now. The Counsellor is very understanding and makes me feel a lot calmer, that I am not weird that it’s normal

It’s given me ways of dealing with my thoughts if I’m upset or distressed. I really felt I was able to open up and talk about my feelings

Talking about who has died helps me and I go home and look at photos and talk to my family about it. I trust you

I found that having a caring understanding person to talk to helped. She understood me and I didn’t feel like I was being judged

The counselling has been helpful as it has given me a chance to release my emotions and anything that is on my mind

The counselling allowed me to speak about my thoughts and feelings with no pressure. The Counsellor was easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable in each session. She has helped me to think more positively about problems in life

What do Parents/Carers say?

My daughter is much happier, she hasn’t complained of any tummy aches for a good few months. It seems as though she has had a weight lifted from her shoulders

Its good for the kids and they enjoyed going. They were able to trust the counsellor and I noticed a difference in how they were

My son is much more confident and able to open up about his feelings. Since he has started therapy, I have been able to work again as he is more settled in school and feels better about him

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