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Therapeutic Group Work

ABC delivers a range of creative group work packages, targeting a wide range of emotional well-being, family and community based issues. If you do not see a group work package listed below that meets your requirements, then please call us to see how ABC can bespoke a package to meet your specific needs.

ABC Group Work Packages

1. Transition Group Plus
This 6 session group work package is aimed at supporting children to make a successful transition from primary to secondary school. This package was successfully developed by of our ABC therapists as part of her Masters Degree.
2. Keep Cool
This 6 session group work package is aimed at supporting children who are displaying anger or conduct issues. Therapeutic exercises are used to help children to understand and self-regulate behaviour that is preventing them from learning and forming positive relationships in or out of school.
3. Stand Tall
This 6 session group work package is aimed at supporting children experiencing low self-confidence and/or social competence. Children work together through a series of creative exercises to develop the competence needed to build social skills and maintain positive relationships.
4. Memory Box
This 8 session group work package enables children to work through the stages of grief and loss. Children have the opportunity to share memories and their feelings in a safe and secure environment. This therapeutic process helps to reduce feelings of fear and isolation that often occur following bereavement or separation.
5. Young Heroes
This 8 session group work package enables children and young people to collaborate on researching, developing and implementing a local community action project. This process is guided by a series of fun and interactive lesson plans that have been specifically tailored for this purpose. Additional sessions can be added if a project requires this.
6. Peacemaker
This 6 session group work package supports children and young people to identify values that enable communities to work together to reduce crime, anti-social behaviour and bullying. The values identified throughout the group work provide a platform from which to embed and facilitate a restorative circle framework. This empowers participants to develop the communication skills required to diffuse conflict, mediate and promote community cohesion.
7. Strengthening Families
Internationally recognised evidence based family intervention programme run over 13 weekly sessions aimed at developing life skills, improving parenting and strengthening family bonds. Parents and children participate in the programme, both separately and together.
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